Building a SatNOGS groundstation: Buying components I (mechanical)

1) Trackingbox case:

– Dimensions: 310x240x110mm (approx.)
– Sealing: IP55 (or above)

(A) ABB box

However it may be hard to find from some locations. You have to drill your own holes anyway so you can prefer a box without pre-drilled side holes!

Ideally you are looking for these MPN:

1SL0828A00(*)  / with pre-drilled wholes

1SL0858A00(*)  / without pre-drilled holes

1SL0878A00(*) / without pre-drilled holes, acrylic front

RS-Online: 20-30 € Ships worlwide, from EU
Walker Industries: 12.60$ Ships from US


(PDF) ABB low voltage enclosers overview (schematics page 11)

(PDF) ABB IP44 and IP55 junction boxes in thermoplastic material with press-on lid




(Copyright by ABB SACE)


(B) Alternatives

Based on discussions in the SatNOGS forum, here some other possibilities to source similar boxes.

  • Bud Industries NBF-32022 (Digikey): Inside 135mm sufficient, however needs to add spacer.
  • Ebay Noname 310mmx230mmx110mm: Inner dimension is 5 mm shorter, and requires adjustment.

 2) Stepper motors NEMA17

Stepper motor sizes are with 1.7 x 1.7 inch (43.2 x 43.2 mm) faceplate, which is NEMA17 size.

Shaft type: Single
Body Length: 47mm
Shaft Diameter: Φ5mm
Shaft Length: 19.5mm

Possible partnumber: 17HS19-2004S, 17HS6002-27B

The stepper motors provide 0.59 Nm (84 ounce inch).

After the gear 1:60 the total torque is 35.4 Nm.

1 Newton meter ≈ 141.61 ounce inch

1 Kilogram meter ≈ 0.1 Newton meter