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 | The space pub - Public space hackerspace
A blog for aerospace related open-source and hack projects.

 | Team MOXA - Measurement of Atomic Oxygen on REXUS15/16
A students project for measuring projects at the University of Technology Dresden. The aim is to develope and start an experiment for measuring gases in the atmosphere in a very high resolution onboard of a sounding rocket.

 | Enculturate - (This is not just a) Travel Guide for Foreigners in Germany
A guide and blog for international students and foreigners. There you can find plenty of information on the life in Germany and in Dresden.

| Table of Moons

 | Rickshaw Circus - Afghanistan to Turkey by Rickshaw
Three people, one rickshaw. Adnan, Pete and Annika went out, got themselves a original Rickshaw and ride it all the way to India. They go through the war-torn areas and try to bring happiness to childrens in school, hospitals and youth centres and do their amazing show of clowning, fire shows and juggling! Follow their journeys on their blog - thanks to Adnans skills as a journalist it is brilliant to read. You can support them by donating and hopefully the Rickshaw can be rolling again in the future!

 | SaddleSore - England to India by Bike
The two guys from a small village, Tom and Rhys, are making a small bike trip to India. The project is aiming to raise funds for homeless children and a hospice and then do schooling projects in India.scribe for a membership to remove promotional messages like this one from the edited documents.


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